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Here, you'll find the answers to all your burning questions about our rental process, equipment, and policies in Toronto. Designed to guide both novice creators and seasoned professionals, our FAQ section is your first step towards a successful shoot. Dive in and start your journey with the right knowledge – because when it comes to filmmaking, every detail counts. Welcome to your go-to resource hub!

  • Viva Camera offers an extensive range of professional film and television equipment rentals in Toronto, including high-definition cameras, versatile lenses, advanced lighting setups, and premium audio gear. Our inventory is designed to meet the demands of any production scale.

  • Starting a rental with Viva Camera is simple. Browse our comprehensive online inventory, select the equipment you need, and specify your rental duration. For personalized assistance, contact our expert team in Toronto directly through our website or by phone.

  • Yes, securing insurance is a requirement for all rentals at Viva Camera to cover potential damage or loss. We offer various insurance options for your convenience, ensuring your Toronto production is fully protected.

  • Should you need to extend your rental, contact us immediately. Extensions are subject to availability and may incur additional fees, but our Toronto team is dedicated to accommodating your production’s changing needs.

  • If any equipment gets damaged, inform Viva Camera at once. We will assess the situation and guide you through the process based on your provided insurance details, ensuring a swift resolution for your Toronto project.

  • Cancellations are possible at Viva Camera, but please be aware of our cancellation policy to avoid unnecessary fees. We recommend early communication for a smooth cancellation process, especially for clients in Toronto.

  • Yes, we provide convenient delivery and pickup services for all our rental equipment within the Toronto area. Contact us to arrange logistics and discuss additional service charges.

  • Absolutely. We encourage customers to test selected equipment at our Toronto location to ensure it meets their project requirements. Schedule a session with our team to get acquainted with your rental gear.

  • Our rental rates are based on the type of equipment, rental duration, and market demand. Viva Camera strives to offer competitive pricing and flexible packages to accommodate various production budgets in Toronto.

  • Equipment should be returned to Viva Camera in Toronto by the agreed deadline to avoid late fees. We expect the returned items to be in similar condition as when they were rented, considering normal wear and tear.

  • We recommend booking as early as possible, especially for high-demand items or peak production times in Toronto. Early booking ensures you get the equipment when you need it and helps streamline your production planning.

  • Yes, Viva Camera provides technical support for all our rented equipment. If you encounter any issues or have questions during your rental period, our Toronto-based team is available to assist you, ensuring your project proceeds smoothly.

  • Any modifications to the equipment should be discussed with Viva Camera beforehand. Unauthorized alterations may violate the rental agreement and could lead to additional charges or penalties.

  • If unforeseen circumstances require extending your rental, contact Viva Camera immediately. We’ll work with you to accommodate the extension based on equipment availability and will update your rental agreement accordingly.

  • Viva Camera values your feedback! After your rental period, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions. You can provide feedback directly through our website, via email, or by calling our Toronto office. Your input helps us improve and serve you better in the future.

  • If you face any technical difficulties with our equipment, Viva Camera is here to help. Contact us immediately for support. We offer troubleshooting guidance and, if necessary, prompt equipment replacement to keep your Toronto-based project running smoothly. Our team is committed to ensuring your production doesn't miss a beat.

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